Glass Crafters Inc.

About Us

GlassCrafters Inc. was founded in 1991, in Northern, New Jersey. Within those 30 years, we have grown into a leading luxury bath product manufacturer with full-service- Measure, Deliver and Install capabilities. We are proud to serve our quality product offering to customers nationwide, as well as, focus on custom shower door installations in the NYC and DC metro areas.

At GlassCrafters Inc., our products are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, more dependable, and easier to maintain. We help you achieve the style you want while being high-quality, durable, competitively priced, and beautiful.

Product offering includes:

  • Luxury framed and frameless shower door enclosures
  • Luxury framed and frameless mirrored cabinets and custom wall mirrors
  • Illuminated mirrors
  • Architectural glass solutions

We are also proud to hold one of the most exemplary safety records in the industry with our glass meeting all ASTM-1048 tempered and ASTM-1172 laminated safety codes.

At GlassCrafters Inc., we strive to create working relationships, products, and services that you and your customers can have total confidence in by providing the transparency, quality, and expertise you need.

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