Glass Crafters Inc.

Our Quality

Measure, Deliver & Installation

Orders are taken by GlassCrafters from the distributor. If homeowners call GlassCrafters, they will be directed to their closest distributor.

Enclosures are measured according to walls/openings. If walls or bases are out of plumb or level, glass is custom cut to compensate. No channels are required to make glass square. Because measuring is done by GlassCrafters and not sub-contracted to a third part, it is done more promptly and more precisely.

GlassCrafters offers free computer designs with multi-installation options and overhead views to help consumers make more intelligent installation decisions. Custom sandblasting and architectural designing are available upon request.

Delivery and Installation
Since we do our own installations and do not sub-contract the job to a third party, we offer a full one-year warranty on all installations.

Extreme care and safety are part of our installation service. GlassCrafters technicians are factory-trained employees; we do not subcontract our installations to third parties. GlassCrafters is fully insured and guarantees the safest installations with a two-man team. We do not charge extra for a second technician. We use high quality, padded moving blankets to protect homes and bathrooms – ensuring customer satisfaction. We leave our work area clean and sparkling.

GlassCrafters installation package delivers the most unsurpassed value. Unlike other companies, GlassCrafters includes the following services as part of our basic installation.

  • Grinding and notching for decorative tiles & borders
  • Drilling into granite or porcelain tile
  • Grinding buttresses
  • Notched glass panels
  • Buttress charges
  • Tapered fillers
  • Extra width units
  • Angled ceiling units
  • Frameless glass clips
  • One-year guarantee on installation/labor

At GlassCrafters, we contact customers/homeowners for our distributors to schedule measuring and installation. All work is done in house and not by a sub-contractor. Our 2 to 3 weeks turnaround time is unattainable by our competitors.

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