Glass Crafters Inc.

Glasscrafters participated in a project renovation of AC HOTEL by Marriott on Times Square located on 260 EAST 4TH STREET NYC. 2 crews from Glasscrafters with 6 people in total were working on the site.

Projects description: White BACK PAINTED GLASS Walls and Architectural GLASS RAILINGS

All wall on a ground floor is covered with 1/4 white back painted glass, walls were covered with scaffolding and the glass has been glued to the walls piece by piece.

LARGEST Glass Section size 36"x130". SMALLEST Glass section size 5/8"x36"

AC Hotel, all glass walls made of 1/4 low iron white back painted glass glued to walls.

Low iron laminated glass by Livers Bronze, handrails and mounting hardware by Livers Bronze, installation by Glasscraftes Inc.

Pictures of job in progress

Pictures of the completed job

AC Hotel New York Times Square - Marriott

An Inside Look at AC Hotel New York Times Square

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